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The Wendy's Technician Training Center is for authorized members only.

New users must be authorized to access courses. In order to verify that you are a Wendy's Authorized Technician, you will need to enter your Wendy’s Passcode below.

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You may freely browse the catalog, but to purchase Wendy's content from the store, you must be logged in as a registered Wendy's user.

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Auto Renewal System

This feature will automatically renew courses for the next year using the payment method on file. This will allow uninterrupted access for an additional term to review to your course content, certificates, and progress reports. You may cancel renewal at any time in the "Subscription" tab under your "Manage Profile". If you choose to cancel this feature, the renewal of each course will need to be done manually through the checkout process. We will send email reminders prior to a courses expiration.

Wendy's Help Center

To contact Ignitor Labs for technical support or website issues:

    Wendy's Restaurant Ventilation Program Assistance
    As part of the program, webpages have been created to allow you to easily register, purchase, view and manage your content. A series of PDF ‘How To’ documents have been provided to guide users through each of these common tasks. Documents have also been created specifically for Manager Users to show how they can easily purchase and assign content to their team.

    Click here to access WRVT 'How To' documents.

  • Registration as a Wendy's Authorized Technician

    - New users must be authorized to access courses in the Wendy's Technician Training Center. In order to verify your registration, you will need to provide your Wendy's Passcode. Follow the steps below:

    1. Register - Fill out the registration form below to create an account.
    2. Verify - - Verify that you are a Wendy's Authorized Technician by entering your Wendy's Passcode, city, and state. If you don't know your Wendy's Passcode, please contact Wendy’s Supervisor.
    3. Activate - You will receive an email with a link to activate your account. Once your account is activated, you can log in and start purchasing.
  • Wendy's Bundle - $105 per user or $500 for 10 seats
    Provides technicians access to the full suite of Wendy's courses on an annual or monthly term. The courses will renew automatically at the end of each term.
  • Auto Renew
    When you purchase a course, you are automatically enrolled to renew your course the consecutive. The auto renew ensures uninterrupted access to your course content, certificates, and progress reports. You may cancel renewal at any time in the "Subscription" tab under "Manage Profile". Learn More